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Awakening, Enlightenment, Cosmic Consciousness are the essence of our current
Human Evolution!

Introducing the book,

The Autobiography of God,
The Awakening of Mankind

The AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF GOD is about the amazing transformation taking place in mankind today. We are in the process of reaching a higher level collective understanding of our nature than we have ever before achieved.

Did you ever wonder how an awakening or enlightenment experience is created?

The answer will surprise you. It may also surprise you to learn that you can easily create the experience on purpose, and in fact that is the only way it has EVER been experienced.

Learn what Consciousness Awakening is really about.

There are a lot of misconceptions about the evolution we are currently experiencing. If you know them you can avoid unconsciously following long tedious paths to the experience. You can learn how to create your own awakening experience.

THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF GOD begins with one person's story and leads into a new perspective of the human experience - an understanding of the new paradigm of Self as Creator.

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Reading this book is like finally getting the opportunity to read the owner's manual for our mind and how it works to create our everyday experience. It is not a hard technical read but is powerful information presented in story form as you read about one human's awakening and then learn along with the author that the story is about YOU.

You can read the first three chapters free.  Click here to get the free chapters.

You will learn the basics of how to find and operate the control panel in your mind. The book includes an appendix that is packed full of activities designed to help you develop mastery of your already active but unconscious creator mind.

No matter what defect or evil you think you or another may have, itís not true. You have no defects. You have no shortcomings. It will take this entire book to communicate a paradigm busting view of how that really works and how you can make it work for YOU.

This is not like any story you have ever read. You have never heard anything like this before. This is a paradigm busting book that will leave you changed FOR THE BETTER!!

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Youíll learn how to create your own awakening experience but more importantly, youíll learn about life AFTER awakening. Itís probably not what you expect. Many people who have a momentary experience of Awakening or Enlightenment are thrown into a period of chaos as they try to integrate the powerful experience and make sense of a life straddling two very different paradigms.

Learning how to let go of the old thinking patterns that are based on the pre-awakened paradigm of Self is an unexpected challenge that follows the experience of awakening to Larger Self Awareness. Reading this book will shorten that challenge as you learn some powerful shortcuts through that reconstruction process.

Understanding what Cosmic Consciousness is about will remove the mystique from an experience that is soon going to be a routine "aha" among humans. With the mystique gone, you will have a clearer idea of why the awakening experience is one you want to create for yourself.

The baby boomers have impacted every aspect of life with the power of their numbers. But even more so with the explosion of communication that they have created in the world. Perhaps the single greatest gift brought to us by the baby boomers is the huge mass of information that is being continually received by nearly everyone.

The sheer volume of information we are collecting has created the stimulus for the next major evolutionary event. Read THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF GOD, THE AWAKENING OF MANKIND to get a perspective on the human race that will someday be common knowledge.

This new paradigm shift will eventually change everything.

The European discovery of both the new world and that the earth is round, triggered events and explorations that rocked the known world. It resulted in the birth of a consciousness of personal freedom that is still driving major events around the world.

The new human evolution that many think of as Awakening, Enlightenment, or Cosmic Consciousness is much bigger than that last major expansion of awareness. Many think they understand what life is about, but few really do.

If you are one of those people who like to know whatís going on, youíll want to read this book and youíll want to begin inviting your own awakening experiences.

Religions throughout our history have been based on the writings of, or about, people who had experienced some degree of enlightenment. Many of them predicted this time in our history when the mass of humanity would begin to awaken. Those predictions were misunderstood. Read THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF GOD, THE AWAKENING OF MANKIND to get a new perspective on the relationship between humankind and God.

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Chapters seven and eight tell about the authorís discovery of the God-control panel and her beginning lessons in how to work it. The God-control panel is operated by discovering the precise mind activity that is producing your outer experience. You will be able to watch over the author's shoulder as she works her way through the hard work of discovery.

Youíll get the benefit of using her shortcuts without the arduous work of searching in the dark for the switches.

The author, Joyce Morris, has experienced three "spontaneous" awakening experiences. The third time she observed herself creating the experience and realized how she had unconsciously caused each of the previous experiences. Since then she has frequently traveled that same path back to "a clear view of Self."

Since 1994 she has explored mind activity discovering an abundance of previously hidden power at work, silently creating the experience of everyday life.

Exploring the vast terrain of the non-physical universe of consciousness is not something that will be accomplished in a few short years. We are entering a new dimension of Self awareness that will keep us busy exploring and adventuring for a very long time. 

There's no need to wait until awakening "happens to you."  You can, and must, create the experience of awakening.

As Joyce began writing about her experience, many people said it was a futile effort, that humans simply arenít capable of expressing the concept of God with language. "Itís purely experiential," they said.

Well yes, at present it is largely experiential, but Joyce has discovered a power in language that is bigger than anything we previously imagined.

If you purchase this book and are not completely satisfied, getting your money back will be as easy as making a phone call or sending an e-mail.

If you are interested in understanding more about the real gift brought by the baby boomers you will definitely want to read THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF GOD, THE AWAKENING OF MANKIND. 

I know youíre used to outrageous offers of extra cdís, additional e-books, special reports, etc. This offer is a stand alone. The book is a stand alone book, with a stand alone price.  You can download it immediately and begin the discovery of a lifetime, for only 


You have no risk. It is our intention that this book will result in value for everyone who reads it. If the book fails to be a value in your life, call or e-mail us so that we can create value for you by cheerfully and immediately honoring your request for a refund. (contact information is in the book or email me by clicking here ).       

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