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You MUST Know This Information to Create a Life of Wealth!

This is far more than a simple e-book with some good information about wealth.  
You already know that you've UN-successfully tried to find or create wealth, but...  

  • ...Life gets in the way. 

  • ...Bills have to be paid. 

  • ...Jobs take a lot of time. 

  • ...Most importantly there truly are secrets that separate the wealthy from the not-wealthy. 

Those secrets are secret only because most people are currently unconscious of them.  Wealthy people think and act from an entirely different paradigm.  Their thinking habits create the paradigm of wealth.  This book will tell you how the paradigms of both scarcity and wealth are created.  Most importantly...

...you will learn how to make the transition to the paradigm of wealth and live there

You may think you already know about how rich people think differently than not-rich people, but you have not read this critical information before.  It does not exist anywhere else yet.  But it will.  Information this powerful will spread quickly. 

You will learn

  • ...how your current paradigm creates the financial life you now have.
  • ...how to change to the paradigm of wealth
  • ...the steps to complete a powerful financial plan
  • ...amazing keys to change that you will apply in many other areas of your life.
  • ...the magic wand of changing your experience NOW.
  • ...how to begin bringing wealth into your life NOW, not just in the future.
  • ...how to STAY wealthy.

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Even if you don't buy the book that first chapter will be well worth reading.

Throughout this book, I will walk you through a wealth planning program 
that wealth coaches around the country sell for $1200-$5000.

But more important than that, I will teach you secrets to power that you have always used unconsciously.  When you learn how to consciously use that power to make change in your life, you will see results that have eluded you for a lifetime.  

All people have equal power They just don't know how it's working.  You MUST learn how to make the change from lack to wealth and it is NOT just about making more money.   In fact you may have experienced a substantial increase in income with no substantial change in your level of wealth. 

All the financial gurus and coaches report the same percentage of students who actually make it to wealth.  It's only 3-5%.  That means that 95-97% don't make the changes they paid for.  This book will tell you why that is and how to be in control of your results. 

Whether you buy the paperback version or the more valuable e-version, buy it NOW.  I want to get it into the hands of as many people as possible to begin a wave a change.  What do you think it would be worth to get the steps to unlock the power to walk free of financial prison?  It's worth a LOT. 

You have no risk in buying this book, and EVERYTHING to gain.  I always give a money-back guarantee with my products.  You will be satisfied with How To Create Gold - A Step by Step Method, or I will want to give your money back.  It is my desire to help you get free of the paradigm of losing money. 

If you are not benefited by this e-package, I  want to restore you to the same financial state you had before you bought my book.  The chances of that are slim to none because I KNOW the power of what's in this book.  The only way you can fail to benefit is by failing to read it.  While that would be sad, I don't expect that to happen.  There's just too much power in this book and it's easy to read. 

 "That book just jumped out of the folder and demanded to be read." 
(Gale Connel, Colorado)

"The information in that book works!  I'm already richer after reading it." 
(Barbara Blair, Denver)

In addition to the book, How to Create Gold, the e-book support package includes

  1. free updates
  2. "A Clear Path," a visioning process that has had huge beneficial impact on people's lives.  This is good for individuals, couples and business partners.

One couple said, "It's so much simpler when you have a clear vision of where you're headed. Now we know how our separate interests fit together. We discovered some things we were doing that don't fit in our plan and our next steps became very clear. 
(Marian Taylor, Colorado) 

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You will be changed forever in how you think, not only about money and wealth, but about areas of your life you never imagined would be related to the paradigm of lack and scarcity.

Wishing you the joyful completion of ALL your Steps to Wealth,

Joyce Morris

Author, Speaker, Trainer


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