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Are You ready to Take Your Athletic Skill To The Next Level...FAST?

Learn how two skinny kids...with scoliosis and bad feet, used...
The Ultimate Secret...
to take their athletic game skills to the national competition levels...
...did it in just over ONE year of training...
How The Ultimate Secret can be used to take YOUR athletic game to the next level and beyond.

Why is that important?
  • Scholarships to great schools
  • High Paying Sports Careers
  • Leadership Positions
  • More enjoyment of the game.    

This technique works for Any Sport and Any Age
Discover the SECRETS that take top athletes

All The WayTo The Top!

Athletes, coaches and parents who know and apply this information will have a huge competitive advantage. I know this is true because I've successfully applied it to my own life and my children's athletic training.

I'm Joyce Morris, the author of "Put Your Mind In The Game," and I've taught these secrets and techniques to my children and many others who have achieved amazing results with it.

I taught these secrets to four of my six children and as a result, all four are excelling in their chosen sport AS WELL AS other areas of personal interests. One son was diagnosed with significant scoliosis resulting in severe hip, knee and ankle misalignments at age 15.

Even with that he began running Track and Field the following year while applying the techniques I share in this book. After just one year of training he became a nationally ranked sprinter.

After a second year he reached several of the top spots in national rankings against runners who had trained for 10 years. As a result he was presented with multiple full scholarship offers to the very best schools in the country.

Want proof?
Google "Joseph Morris" and you can review his rankings and achievements right now.

My daughter was also diagnosed with a 35 degree spinal curvature and one leg 3/4 inch shorter than the other. At 16 years old when she started Track and Field, she had been a skinny couch potato for years.

After learning to put her mind in the game as I teach in my book, she has become quite proficient at track (sprinting and hurdles).  As a junior in high school she was competing at college meets and attracting scholarship offers.

Our youngest twins also excelled using these same techniques and they're still going higher. When they were only 14 years old they were actively recruited by several local metropolitan high school varsity coaches for their outstanding baseball skills (those skills were developed in a single season).

At 15 years old these twins were pitching consistently and accurately at 80-85MPH. At 15 years old they consistently threw a baseball from the center field fence straight to the home plate or third base.  They are powerful hitters as well.

In case you're thinking that these children were all born with natural athletic ability, you'll be interested to learn that all four of them are adopted. Their birth families are normal people like you and I with no evidence of unusual athletic ability. They are mainstream America just like the rest of us.

I am my children's personal "mental" coach and teacher and I certainly have no unusual athletic tendencies or abilities...

...but I know how to teach you to put your mind in the game in a way that produces profound results in very short times.

In fact, I would love to teach you these exact same secrets and techniques that I've taught many other young athletes, parents and coaches with immediate results.

  • Young athletes who could not hit a ball consistently, immediately began hitting more balls after using the magic secret that I teach you in chapter four.
  • Golfers have immediately increased their distance and accuracy by applying these techniques.
  • Coaches have brought their teams from bottom of the league to top of the league in a single season (with no new talent added to the team.)
  • Parents have guided their children in these techniques to help them move quickly to higher level skill and teams, allowing them to attract major scholarships.

    "After reading your book (Put Your Mind In The Game) it all makes sense now. I can see exactly how I have kept myself and my kids from excelling. No wonder we’ve worked so hard and so long for so little gain. I was unconsciously telling myself and my kids to do it that way. Long before the 21 days were finished we were already noticing increased awareness, speed and what I call 'game intelligence.'" Marian Thomas – Colorado

    Whether your competitive game is...

    Baseball Basketball Football Bicycling
    Soccer Lacrosse Track & Field Golf
    Marathons Swimming Motocross Olympic Competitions
    Rock climbing Dancing Coaching More

    ...or anything else athletically competitive...
    you will reach top levels of performance and enjoy your game more if you know and use the secrets and techniques presented in this book, Put Your Mind In The Game

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    Achieve Athletic excellence in Your Sport, whatever it is, by using these powerful and practical tools. They will help you dramatically increase the quality of your athletic performance (or your team's athletic performance).

     Learn how anyone can easily and quickly have...

    ...better speed ...more accuracy
    ...more muscle control and development ...more control of the game
    ...more results from practices ...more agility and coordination
    ...better and farther throws ...more winning games
    ...More endurance ...more effective coaching

    You'll find all of that and more in this easy to read book.

    There's no need to turn to drug enhanced muscle development when you follow the steps in Put Your Mind In The Game.

    You'll learn the secrets and mental techniques used by the top athletic performers that engages your untapped mind power in your practices and game performance.

    You will be astounded at the results created by these simple but powerful ways to engage your mind in developing high level athletic and game skills.

    These techniques can be effectively applied by 5 year olds as well as adults! If you are an athlete in any sport or game you can take your performance to the highest levels, and easily attract the scholarships and opportunities you want.

    Do you want to play on top teams with the best coaches?
    Do you want to enjoy the thrill of top level performance?

    This book will show you how to get to that level of play easier and faster than you imagined could be possible.

    This isn't really "new" information. In fact, we were all born with this secret, and we instinctively knew how to apply it at the beginning of our lives. However, by the time we reached three or four most of us began learning the "adult" way of learning physical skills.

    The better we got at the "right" ways to develop skill, the slower our skills developed and the sooner we hit our physical "limits." Very few people make it to adulthood or even to teenager with that original instinctive ability still intact and functioning.

    Have you lost YOUR ability to learn physical skills easily and without limiting beliefs?

    If you are a coach or parent you will learn how you can avoid the very common trap of unintentionally and unconsciously keeping your athlete(s) focusing at lower levels of play.

    Even though you do everything you currently know to help them improve their game you may instead be subtly teaching them to accept and believe in limits that aren't real.

    In nearly forty years of observing parents and coaches, I've seen precious few who know how to keep their children's minds free of the constant bombardment of limitations and weakness that comes from the media, friends and teachers.

    This book will show you those hidden traps that are invisible to most people until they have been pointed out.

    More importantly, as you teach your athletes to powerfully put their mind in the game, you will be giving your child or team athlete(s) a high degree of personal power.

    You will know how to help your children and team athletes remove unconscious limitations and barriers, a skill that they will use all their lives to achieve successes.

    “Your book has the same information that you taught our team and coaches, so I expect our competition is going to start getting a lot better! Everyone who reads it will soon know our secret to success." Coach Laughlin. (Little League)

    Whether you are an amateur or a professional, if you know the secret of how to effectively put your mind in your game you will move on to the higher levels easier and faster.

    ALL top trainers and coaches know that it's not enough to train just the body and expect that to take an athlete to the top of the game.

    If you are an athlete or the parent of an athlete who does not have the benefit of a coach who knows the secrets and techniques to integrate the mind and body (and few do) you will want to learn the secrets and how to apply them yourself.

    In the book, Put Your Mind In The Game, you will...

    • discover the ultimate secrets to excel at any game at any level of play
    • learn how to begin to use that secret immediately
    • get a 21 day plan to integrate your mind and body, that will give you permanent results

    You can apply these techniques over and over in many different sports and life applications

    “My husband teaches a form of weightlifting called "Super Slow." Super Slow is just like it sounds, a super slow weight lifting process for muscle development. I started using what Joyce teaches and immediately had a major jump in the number of repetitions I could do. This is unheard of in the technique of Super Slow." Dr. C.Wolff

    You can learn to "see" what others don't "see"in athletic performance. Most of today's best athletes have stumbled into the secret accidentally or found a rare coach who knew the keys to EFFECTIVELY put the mind in the game.

    If you don't have access to one of those very rare (and usually expensive) coaches, you definitely will want to get this book.

    You can recognize those few players at the top who know and apply the secret to athletic performance BECAUSE WHEN THEY FINALLY LEAVE THEIR GAME FOR OTHER PURSUITS THEY ARE NOT USED UP! They go on to create huge successes in business and social contribution.

    98% of my students who apply the information I give you in this book are amazed and pleased with their results.
    (2% insist that it won't work and won't even try.)

    Put Your Mind In The Game is easy to read. It is about 100 pages that are jamb packed with everything you need to know to begin releasing and increasing your own (or your child's) natural talent and potential.

    Learn the language that limits and the language that frees!

    Would you like to discover YOUR hidden agendas that are keeping you from the successes and achievement levels you want. What you will learn from reading this short book and completing the 21 day plan will produce results in many areas of life besides your athletic game.

    I am so certain that you will be pleased with your purchase of
    Put Your Mind In The Game
    that I am offering you a solid guarantee.

    "Like all those before you, you will be glad you read Put Your Mind In The Game AND will experience strong positive results after applying what I teach you, or I will refund your money - no questions asked!"

    Many parents and coaches send their players to special skills coaches or training camps. Many parents and coaches can't afford those expensive training sources. That kind of training is definitely valuable...but without the information you will learn in this book, it will be limited in the results it can produce.

    I've watched many athletes with excellent top quality coaches fail to achieve their true and outstanding potential ONLY because they didn't know and apply the secrets and techniques in this book.

    Many athletes seek out successful private coaches at $20.00 per hour and up. That is also very valuable...

    ...but not as valuable as what you will learn in this book

    The information in Put Your Mind In The Game has shaved off years of expensive special training, saved countless thousands in college expenses, made higher incomes possible, and allowed many children and adults around the world experience the joys of superior achievement, confidence and personal power.

    This information is taught ONLY in very few places and perhaps nowhere as simply and clearly as in this book.

    The information in Put Your Mind In The Game is extremely valuable. That's why the few coaches at the top who know about it, and know how to teach it, are so very expensive. I could easily charge $297.00 for this book based on the quality of the information and the changes it produces in people's lives. But it's not my goal to charge as much as I can.

    I've had the great joy of watching my own children grow up with this information. I've been blessed by the experiences of seeing them achieve the top levels of their chosen sports - EASILY and having great fun in the process.

    I've also loved watching my other students achieve higher levels of athletic success as they apply these principles in their own lives and in the lives of their children and team athletes.

    My goal, now, is to get this information into the hands of as many young athletes, parents and coaches as possible and as quickly as possible. For that reason I'm keeping this book price lower than any other of my books.  I want it to be very affordable and easy to get.

    You can download this book immediately and quickly begin producing the results you dream of in YOUR game for only...


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