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More About Language

Language = The Fundamental Key
To The Law Of Attraction.

Living Consciously: What exactly does living consciously mean? A recent definition says that it means "making choices."

Being conscious is certainly about making choices but lately it's about learning to make CONSCIOUS choices. 

We make unconscious choices all day long. 

We are functioning on auto-pilot around 95% of the time even though it doesn't always feel like it. That's how we evolved our thinking process to support the magnificent complexity in our lives.

That which is in your subconscious mind... entering your daily experience in the form of UN-conscious choice  is ALWAYS subject to the control of your CONSCIOUS mind.  

The key element of conscious living is...

bringing your subconscious programming into alignment with, and in support of, your Conscious choices.

And how is that done? 

That's the important question of the day! To bring your subconscious programming (95% of your daily activity) into alignment with your conscious desires, you must be very diligent. and bring more of your everyday mind activity under your conscious direction.

It's kind of like growing up and becoming more responsible for your experiences. You must observe your mind activity and align it with your desire.  

I'm not talking about aligning your mind activity with your desire for
 a new car, or to be financially free, or 
to have a soul-mate relationship.  
I'm talking about your ultimate desire  that all those things serve- 
to be and to feel LOVE 
as the essential element of EVERY experience
In other words, you will be bringing into your mind and life, the essence of what we might call Heaven-On-Earth. 

Each of us will begin the process of aligning our inner and outer language at our own unique and perfect point in our life.  To help you get on a solid footing in exploring your Creator Role (using your creator tool of Language), I urge you to listen to 
      The Eight Words That WILL Change Your Life.  
It's a free audio that you can access from this site.  Click the link at the top of this page

Once you've listened to the 8 Words audio you'll never see your every day language in quite the same way again.  You'll get serious about Self-observation (if you haven't already).  

At that point an excellent method to help you in your self-observation is WRITING.

Consider keeping a daily or regular journal of your uncensored thoughts and then re-write those those thoughts to express the experiences (Love-filled) that you prefer instead of the subconscious "spew" of your unconscious past.  It can be one of your most productive tools for expanding conscious living.

Another very productive tool for increasing conscious living is to have "partners" who support your expanding self awareness.  This is explained in more detail in the free audio of The Eight Words That WILL Change Your Life.  Click here to listen to the FREE Audio.

You might also consider reading some of the articles available by clicking the "Articles" tab or link at the top of the page.

After workshops and presentations I am nearly always asked the audience members can get more information and suggestions for specific areas of their lives.  

For that reason I have written several books,  I have three of them available on this website as they relate to conscious living in specific compartments of life.  You can read more about any that interest you.


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