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About Joyce

The author of this website is Joyce Morris (me in the picture to the right).  

I became a language expert as a result of three events.  Those three events made it possible for me to personally discover the profound role language plays in our conscious and unconscious manifesting.  

The first event occurred at seven years of age when my father suddenly lost his eyesight. I was just past the stage of unconscious learning of language.  

Along with my father I had to consciously learn a new aspect of language -- to remain aware of the inner pictures language creates as I speak. 

Only by doing so could I communicate from my visual world to my father's non-visual world.  As a child I used to say I could speak and hear in pictures.

The second influential event was the beginning of a series of "awakening" experiences (1994). These were moments of suddenly experiencing an expanded view of existence. In those moments I  "saw" much about how we create, and how all things and people function with, and as, One Mind. The complexity of that Mind became "simplified" by the unusual perspective I experienced in the "awakening" events. 

You might imagine that those kinds of experiences would immediately result in more clarity in life and more control of life experiences. Not so. In fact, the experiences were followed by several years of deepening chaos and confusion as I struggled to live with my two disparate experiences of...

  • the ordinary world where everyone and everything are separate from each other
  • and the REAL world beneath the ordinary world, where there is only ONE mind with many levels of both conscious and unconscious activity and self-awareness.

I talk a lot more about the after - awakening experience in my book, An Autobiography of God - the Awakening of Mankind.

The third major event that linked the previous two occurred in 1999. I, along with my two sets of twins discovered an amazing secret hidden in our everyday language that changed our lives. You can hear the story of this event in the presentation called The Eight Words That Will Change Your Life.  Click to listen

In the years since 1999, I and my family have been a laboratory, exploring and testing language and its effects in our lives.  We've learned much about the Creator function humans are all born with, and about Language - the human "control panel" levers of our Creator function.

I've taught many workshops, and written a few books.  The most common type of comment after attending a workshop is,  "Excellent!  But now that I see how big I really am, I need more help from you getting all of me aligned and in harmony!"  

That's why I wrote the books you'll find for sale on this website - to offer more detailed and need-specific information.

The drawings you see sprinkled around this website are all my originals.  In general, I'm not an artistic person as I experience my life, but over the years I've been compelled to doodle at times.  

These drawings are some of my more elaborate doodles.  They each seem to have been an expression or a part of a healing-awakening process I was experiencing at the time.

I am wishing you the very best experiences you can imagine and speak,


That's me, Joyce

This is me with my two sets of twins who have played such a major role in discovering the power of the Eight Magic Words!

This is me with my husband, Ben

Below are three of my books

An Autobiography of God - The Awakening of Mankind

How To Create Gold - A Step by Step Method

Put Your Mind In The Game - Increase Your Athletic Excellence in 21 Days or Less


Contact Information:  Click here to contact Joyce by email  or contact by phone at 303-374-1945

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