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From time to time I feel eloquent and write something.  Some other times I begin a great book but don't want to take the time to finish it.  Those become articles that you can access by clicking the links on the left. 

You can read some of the very short ones below.

Follow your OWN passion!

"If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said, 'Faster horses."  -quote from Henry Ford.

What's your greatest gift - TO YOU?

Posted on Jan. 20, 2006

Whatever it is (there may be more than one) support it.  Give it voice.  Value it.  Give it time.  Accept that gift in your life in a bigger way than you have ever made time for before. 


We each are the gift, the giver and the first receiver.  Everyone else receives our gift after we have both given and received it ourselves.  That is the ONLY doorway that our gift passes through as it moves into our experience as a gift to others.  


It may be heresy to some but you cannot receive the gift of yourself through others.  They must receive through you having done so.  Be joyful with the gift that you are.

Try something revolutionary!

Posted on Jan. 12, 2006


"I know how to solve this problem and I do it."  Where could you apply that new creation in your personal or your business life?  


When you see a problem that you're facing, say the words out loud, "I know how to solve this problem and I do it."  A huge wave of new energy will move out from those words into your experience.  Don't waste your magic by not using it!  Put that magic wand of language to work now for you and for the rest of us!

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