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HOW TO CREATE GOLD - A Step By Step Method

Have you UN-successfully tried to create wealth?  Over 95% of those who try to become wealthy fail, because the wealth gurus don't teach the most important secret.  You may already know that wealthy people think and act from an entirely different paradigm than those who are not wealthy.  Other books tell you what wealthy people DO.  This book tells you how you create your paradigms, and most importantly, how to LIVE there.

Both wealth and poverty are creations produced by 
equally powerful people

With this easy to read book, you will walk through the steps of an excellent wealth building plan that has helped thousands achieve their financial dreams. But even more important are the steps that show you how to align your unconsciously functioning power to the results you want. Discover your hidden instructions that are continually creating a paradigm of lack and struggle. You will learn the language of wealth and success.  This e-book version includes a support package of book updates and more.

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How To Create Gold - Paperback Version

$17.95 + shipping


The Awakening Of Mankind


Includes a workbook packed with activities to explore creatorship.


 The information in this book will absolutely change your understanding of who you are and how that works.  

The book begins with one person's story and leads into a new perspective of the human experience - an understanding of the new paradigm of Self as Creator. 


Reading this book is like finally getting the opportunity to read the owner's manual for your mind and how it works to create your everyday experience.  This is not a hard technical read but is powerful information presented in story form as you read about one human's awakening and then learn along with the author that the story is about YOU. 


You will learn the basics of how to find and operate the God-control panel in your mind.  The book includes a workbook appendix that is packed full of activities designed to help you develop mastery of your already active but unconscious creator mind


No matter what defect or evil you think you or another may have, itís not true. You have no defects. You have no shortcomings. It will take this entire book to communicate a paradigm busting view of how that really works and how you can make it work for YOU. 

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PUT YOUR MIND IN THE GAME - Increase Your   Athletic Excellence in 21 Days or Less

Take your athletic performance to the next level.  Put Your Mind In The Game, has the information in a 21 day guide that you need in order to easily and effectively break through your current barriers to higher levels in your athletic performance - and what you learn will spill into the rest of your life. 

Most athletes have lost the balance of their natural powerful mind and body harmony.  Learn how to restore that amazing power that breaks records and takes you to higher levels of your game.  
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How To Create Gold
A Step By Step Method

The Autobiography of God:
 The Awakening of Mankind

Put Your Mind In The Game
Increase Your Athletic Excellence in 21 Days or Less

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