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Sites and Teachers I Recommend

Mary Robinson-Reynolds sells an excellent and effective master minding guide.  I've gone through it several times and recommend it highly.  You can check it out here.

Llenar is a delightful energy and she does an internet radio show that I LOVE.  Her guests are all related to her website topic which is "No Out There."  Her shows are Wednesdays (one in the morning and one in the evening.)  Check out Llenar at www.no-out-there.com

Jonathan Manske has written a book called The Law of Attraction Made Simple, that is full of very practical things you can do to engage the law of attraction.  Jonathan is also a very gifted coach and sensitive.  He applies his gift to any area including businesses.  Check out Jonathan at www.inevitable-success.com  

Kitty Connell has written a wonderful visionary novel called Lorcan's Bane.  If you enjoyed Mists of Avalon you will love Lorcan's Bane.  Her writing style is just luscious and she tortures me with snippets of her next novel, leaving me hungry for the next chapter.  See Kitty's work at www.kittyconnell.com

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